Teen Fiction: Doing Time

Banks, Russell. Rule of the bone.
"Anyhow, my life got interesting you might say the summer I turned fourteen and was heavy into weed but I didn't have any money to buy it with so I started looking around the house all the time for things I could sell but there wasn't much."
BANKS [On Mezzanine]

Egan, Jennifer. The keep.
A prisoner, in jail for an unnamed crime, recounts a story about two cousins who unite to renovate a castle--that brings the crimes of the past and present into piercing relation.
EGAN [On Mezzanine]

McCall, Nathan. Makes me wanna holler.
Nathan McCall tells his story from the street and prison yard to the newsroom of the Washington Post.

Morey, Walt. Angry waters.
Paroled to a dairy farm, a 15-year-old develops an interest in the farm animals and acquires the strength to resist old friends.

Oates, Joyce Carol. Foxfire : confessions of a girl gang.
Legs Sadovsky leads a girl gang called Foxfire during 1955 in her upstate New York hometown.
OATES [On Mezzanine]

Shatner, William. Star trek Academy: Collision course.
Thrown in jail beside a young Vulcan, a young James T. Kirk forges an uneasy alliance with his cellmate, Spock, with whom he can stay imprisoned or join Starfleet.
SF SHATNER [On Mezzanine]

Shoblad, Richard H. Doing my own time.
Shoblad's life, from childhood, the black market, 2 years in Walla Walla Corrections and life imprisonment in the Oregon State Penitentiary.

Siebold, Jan. Doing time online.
After he is involved in a prank that led to an elderly woman's injury, twelve-year-old Mitchell must make amends by participating in a police program in which he chats online with a nursing home resident.

Strasser, Todd. Boot camp.
After ignoring warnings to stop dating his teacher, Garrett is sent to a boot camp that uses unorthodox and brutal methods to train students to obey their parents.

Trueman, Terry. Inside out.
A 16-year-old with schizophrenia is held hostage by two other teens after an attempted robbery.
TRUEMAN [On Mezzanine]

Weaver, Will. Farm team.
With his father in jail 14-year-old Billy Baggs finds himself in charge of the family farm in Minnesota and having to give up baseball.
WEAVER [On Mezzanine]