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College Bound: Science & Technology

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Bryson, Bill. A short history of nearly everything.
A renowned travel writer brings scientific ideas to life by describing how the universe and life came to be.
500 BRY [in Adult Non-Fiction] [also available as a Book on CD]

Carle, Megan. Teens cook dessert.
The only full-color dessert cookbook written by and for teenagers, with an interactive, colorful design and tons of mouth-watering photos.
YA 641.86 CAR

Colagrande, John. In the presence of dinosaurs.
In a prehistoric journey as close to reality as the fossil trail allows, this field guide creates an intimate account of the parentally attentive, agile ancestors of birds that roamed the earth millions of years ago. Full-color paintings.
567.9 COL [in Adult Non-Fiction]

Doty, Mark. Dog years.
Against a backdrop of devastating human loss, both personal (the death of his partner) and public (9/11), Doty bears witness to the inexorable decline of his beloved retrievers.
636.7 DOT [in Adult Non-Fiction]

Feynman, Richard P. The pleasure of finding things out.
Feynman remains fun and informative. Anecdotes and overviews from a charismatic rulebreaker with his own, sometimes compelling, views about what science is and how it can be done.
500 FEY [in Adult Non-Fiction]

Forbes, Peter. The gecko's foot : bio-inspiration : engineering new materials from nature.
How bio-inspired nanotechnology created inventions from synthetic spider silk to lotus-like self-cleaning windows.
600 FOR [in Adult Non-Fiction]

Greene, Brian. The elegant universe : superstrings, hidden dimensions, and the quest for the ultimate theory.
In writing as elegant as the theories it explains, the layers of mystery surrounding string theory are peeled away to reveal a universe with 11 dimensions where the fabric of space tears and repairs itself.
E-audiobook, available online

Hawking, Stephen. The universe in a nutshell.
The physics guru explains our world in with lavish illustrations.
530.12 HAW [in Adult Non-Fiction]

Kolata, Gina Bari. Flu : the story of the great influenza pandemic of 1918 and the search for the virus that caused it.
"The plague so deadly that if a similar virus were to strike today, more would die in a year than heart disease, cancers, strokes, chronic pulmonary disease, AIDS and Alzheimer's."
614.518 KOL [in Adult Non-Fiction]

Krauss, Lawrence. Atom: an odyssey from the Big Bang to life on Earth and beyond.
An oxygen atom from the beginning of the universe into the future.
523.1 KRA [in Adult Non-Fiction]

Porter, Roy. Madness: a brief history.
What is "madness"? Examine the wide range of possibilities, from witches to electric shock therapy to Prozac.
616.89 POR [in Adult Non-Fiction]

Rigden, John S. Hydrogen: the essential element.
A fascinating history is revealed is this probe of a scientific giant - the hydrogen atom.
546.2 RIG [in Adult Non-Fiction]

Sobel, Dava. Longitude: the true story of a lone genius who solved the greatest scientific problem of his time.
The little-known story behind the greatest innovation in navigational science; an 18th century version of the GPS.
526.62 SOB [in Adult Non-Fiction]

Strauch, Barbara. The primal teen: what the new discoveries about the teenage brain tell us about our kids.
What makes teens tick? A tour of their brains reveals startling new research.
616.89 STR [in Adult Non-Fiction]

Winchester, Simon. Krakatoa: the day the world exploded: August 27, 1883.
Hundred foot waves flung ships inland, a rain of hot ash cooled the earth, a shock wave traveled the world seven times, and 40,000 people died.
551.21 WIN [in Adult Non-Fiction]

Wolke, Robert L. What Einstein told his cook : kitchen science explained.
Is there really a difference between supermarket and sea salt? How is sugar made? Should cooks avoid aluminum pans?
641.5 WOL [in Adult Non-Fiction]

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