Wear a thick scarf around your neck while you read the books on this list, all found in the Teen Space unless otherwise noted.

Brewer, Heather. Ninth grade slays.
While half-vampire Vlad, his friend Henry, and Henry's cousin Joss make their way through their freshman year at Bathory High, a hired vampire slayer seeks to destroy Vlad. (Part of the series, Chronicles of Vladimir Tod)

Hirano, Kohta. Hellsing.
In this gory, action packed Manga series, Hellsing is a top-secret organization that protects England and the Queen from vampires.

Klause, Annette Curtis. Blood and chocolate.
Gabriel is raw and sharp like blood; Aiden is rich and smooth like chocolate. Vivian wants Aiden, but she's a werewolf.
KLAUSE [Located on the Mezzanine in Fiction]

McKinley, Robin. Sunshine.
Unclear as to why she was kidnapped by vampires, Sunshine uses long forgotten magic to free herself and the vampire, Constantine, from their captors who have very bad intentions.
MCKINLEY [Located on the Mezzanine in the Fiction collection]

Mead, Richelle. Blood promise: a Vampire Academy novel.
Just days before graduating from St. Vladimir's Academy, guardian-in-training Rose travels to Siberia to drive a stake into the heart of the boy she loves, the vampire Dimitri.

Meyer, Stephenie. Twilight.
When Bella moves to Forks, Washington with her dad, she's immediately attracted to Edward Cullen, but he is not the only vampire in town. 1st in a series.

Pauley, Kimberly. Sucks to be me: The all-true confessions of Mina Hamilton, teen vampire (maybe).
Mina is forced to take a class to decide whether to become a vampire and a choice between her life-long best friend and her crush.

Rees, Douglas. Vampire High.
When Cody starts to flunk out of the 9th grade in his new school in Massachusetts, he's enrolled in the Vlad Dracul Magnet School, where most students happen to be vampires.

Rice, Anne. Interview with the vampire.
Much happens during the life of a 200-year-old evil blooksucker. 1st in a series.
RICE [Located on the Mezzanine]

Somper, Justin. Black heart.
When a high-profile pirate is slain, the Pirate Federation takes decisive action and begins training up a ship of dedicated vampire hunters led by Captain Cheng Li and pirate prodigy Connor Tempest. (Part of the Vampirates series)
JSF SOMPER [Located in J Fiction, in the Children's Section]

Sosnowski, David. Vamped.
Now that bloodsucking has gone mainstream, depressed Marty Kowalski has an eternity to kill. Can a little girl named Isuzu Trooper make him feel undead again?

Stoker, Bram. Dracula.
You think you know the story, now read the original.

Strieber, Whitley. The hunger.
IF you get a date with gorgeous Miriam Blaylock, savor it. It could be your last.

Westerfield, Scott. Peeps.
In a world where a parasite turns people into vampires, reformed party boy Cal Thompson learns that he is a carrier. He must now track down all the girls he unknowingly infected before the create more ghouls.

Wilson, Paul. Midnight Mass.
As bloody night descends across America, Father Joe and Rabbi Zev raise the stakes and bring them down on the heart of a grisly vampire plague.