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Computers & Wifi for Public Use

Internet Computers

We currently have 6 public desktop computers available with a 60 minutes per day limit. If you have a library card, you can immediately log in to any computer marked Available. Guest passes are available at the checkout desk. Reserve a computer by calling 360.442.5300. Reservations using a library card can be made up to a week in advance; guest pass reservations are same day only.


Click here for mobile printing information. Printing is also available from the public internet computers.


Free wifi is available at the Library. Select the LibPublic network. A browser page should open showing the terms of service. Accept the terms at the bottom of the page to continue to the internet. Printing from wifi is available via the free PrinterOn app, e-mail, or web portal. Learn more here.

Self-Reservation Internet System - PC Reservation

Patrons wanting to use the internet at the Library can now set their appointments using the PC Reservation system. Reserve Online!

A kiosk has been set up near the internet computer area where patrons can set their own appointments using their Library Card or a Guest Pass.

Guest Passes can be obtained from the Information Desk. Guest Pass users cannot set appointments for later in the week - the guest pass expires at the end of the day it is made.

Library Card users can set appointments later in the week. Patrons can have only one appointment scheduled at a time (multiple appointments are not allowed).

You are allowed a total of two hours of internet computer use per day. You initially receive a 60 minute session and can add the remaining time to the end of that session if no other reservations are waiting, or you can make a reservation for later in the day. All leftover time expires at the end of the day.

To set an appointment at the Self-Reservation Kiosk, follow the posted directions. If a computer is available immediately, no reservation is needed. You can sit at an available computer and enter your library card number (no spaces) or Guest Pass number to begin your session. If no reservations are scheduled for that computer, you'll receive the full 60 minute session. If an appointment is scheduled, you will be offered a short session (Minimum 10 minutes).

The computer will give a time warning 5 minutes before the end of the session. When the session is finished, you will no longer have access, so use the 5 minute warning to log out of your accounts and print or save your work. If there is no reservation scheduled after the patron's appointment, the computer will offer extended time depending on the reservation schedule and how much time you have used.

If no computers are available immediately, you can set an appointment for the next available PC. You will receive a receipt with the appointment information. There is a 10 minute grace period for each reservation. If you log in late and there is an appointment already scheduled for another person, the session will be shortened. You will not lose minutes, but the session will stop for the next appointment. If you do not log in before the 10 minute grace period expires, the appointment is cancelled and you'll have to make a new appointment.

You can use your minutes any way you like as long as computers are available. Be sure to click on End Session to not waste any minutes. If you don't click End Session, the session will continue for 10 minutes - subtracting that time from your available time - before logging off.

If you need to step away from a computer for any reason, there is a Hide Screen option. The screen will be hidden for up to 10 minutes. You can return and enter the password you set to resume the session. Holding the screen does not increase your amount of time. The time away from the computer is counted in the total session time.

To print jobs sent to the printer, use the Self-Serve Printing Kiosk. Follow the posted directions to receive your prints. Black and white prints are 10 cents per page. Color is 50 cents per page.

Word Processing PC

Need to write a resume or work on a project that doesn't require Internet access? The library has one PC reserved for non-Internet use. To reserve it for one or two hours, call 360.442.5300.

Computer and Internet Use Policy

The Longview Public Library offers access to computers, computer-based resources and the internet. If patrons have a library card, they have full privileges to use our services without restrictions, otherwise the public may ask for a guest pass to use our desktop computers. The Computer and Internet Usage policy governs the management of computers and usage, internet, and computer networks that are owned and administered by the Library.

View the full policy.

For information on how children and their parents can learn to use the Internet safely go to SafeKids.

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