City of Longview

Computers & Wifi for Public Use


Free wifi is available at the Library. Sign up for a username and password at the Reference Desk on the Main Floor.

One-Hour PCs

The library has 7 one-hour computers. The computers are equipped with headphones, popular internet browsers, instant messaging software, Microsoft Office, USB ports, CD-ROM drives, and more. Most feature CD/DVD recording capabilities. Black and white printing can be done from all computers for 10¢ per page. If you have specific needs that are not listed here, please call to see what is available. Floppy discs are available for purchase at the Information Desk. Patrons are allowed one session per day. To reserve a session call 360.442.5300.

15-Minute PC

Just need to check your email or quickly print something out? The library has one walk-in 15-minute PC. No reservation necessary, just sign up when you come in to the library!

Word Processing PC

Need to write a resume or work on a project that doesn't require Internet access? The library has one PC reserved for non-Internet use. To reserve it for one or two hours, call 360.442.5300.


All of the PCs are capable of printing. The prints are in black and white and cost 10¢ per page.

Internet Use Policy

The Longview Public Library is pleased to offer Internet access to its patrons as part of its mission to:

The Longview Public Library encourages you to be a responsible and considerate citizen in your use of the Internet and World Wide Web in this public setting. Your use of these resources is made possible through facilities, equipment and communications technology purchased with City of Longview public funds.

Longview Public Library has chosen to offer access to the Internet and the World Wide Web because there are many valuable resources on it. The Library does not monitor and has no control over the information viewed through the Internet and cannot be held responsible for its content. The Library recognizes however, that it has a responsibility to set policies and guidelines to encourage the public's responsible and appropriate use of this new technical resource within the library's building, particularly as that use is exposed to children.

The Library encourages parents to supervise their children's Internet and World Wide Web use. As with other library materials, restriction of a child's access to the Internet is the responsibility of the parent/legal guardian. The Library staff does not act in the place of a parent to restrict what a child may access.

The Library does not have the ability to select, monitor, or control the content of the tens of thousands of Internet and World Wide Web sites available. Some resources and destinations may contain material that some patrons will find offensive, and sites that are inappropriate for children - certainly, there are sites that are inappropriate for use or viewing in a public setting. Also, some World Wide Web sites may contain invalid or inaccurate information, so users need to be sure of the sources of information they are using.

Board Approved: 6/3/96
Revised: 6/7/99

For information on how children and their parents can learn to use the Internet safely go to SafeKids.