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Patron Code of Conduct


Longview Public Library welcomes every member of the community to use and enjoy our Library. To ensure that all visitors have a safe and enjoyable experience, we have the following expectations. Under the authority of state law RCW 27.12.290 "library board of trustees may exclude from the use of the library under its charge any person who willfully and persistently violates any rule or regulation prescribed for the use of the library or its facilities or any person whose physical condition is deemed dangerous or offensive to other library users."

All people using Library services are entitled to:


All patrons are expected to follow this Patron Code of Conduct. It applies to every location everywhere the Library provides service: the Library building and grounds, at outreach events, and through communications (website, social media, phone, chat, and email). Parents, guardians, and caregivers are responsible for their child and dependent adult's personal safety and behavior. Children's and Teen's areas are designated for use by children, their caregivers, and teens.

Library patrons are expected to:

Library Code of Conduct is divided into four categories:

See Category descriptions for example violations.
Category Description Consequence
A Disrupts other patrons' ability to use the Library and staff's ability to serve patrons Not allowed to use the Library for one day
B Serious Library-specific violations (or repeated Category A) Not allowed to use the Library for one month
C Violations toward people or property Not allowed to use the Library for one year
D Severe violations toward people and property Not allowed to use the Library for up to two years

Library staff will engage with patrons who violate this Code of Conduct. Failure to follow Library policies and staff directions could result in restriction of Library privileges, immediate removal from the premises, trespass from the Library for a period of one day to two years, or in arrest and prosecution for violations of criminal law.

Patrons who have had their privileges restricted must contact the Library Circulation Specialist to discuss the violation and future expectations before returning to use the Library. They will also be asked to sign an agreement to adhere to the Code of Conduct.

Individuals with disabilities may request reasonable assistance by calling (360) 442-5300 or email longviewlibrary@mylongview.org. If a patron questions a trespass, they should appeal the action by writing the Library Director. The Library Director will provide a written response within 14 days. The Library Director's written decision may be appealed to the Library Trustee Board at the next Board meeting following the Director's written response. This written appeal will be responded to within 14 days by the Library Board Chair. Patrons can contact the Library Director and the Board Chair by calling (360) 442-5309 or emailing Jacob.cole@ci.longview.wa.us.

Category A: (Disrupts other patrons' ability to use the Library and volunteers / staff's ability to serve)

Category B (Serious Library Specific Violations)

Category C (Violation toward Person(s) or Property)

Category D (Serious Violation toward Person(s) or Property)

Recommended for approval: Jacob Cole, Library Director

Revised, Board of Trustees Approved, 10/11/2022

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