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Rules of Conduct and Exclusion Policy

Every member of the public has the right to use the facilities and resources of the Longview Public Library. Along with that right is the obligation to behave in a socially acceptable manner and a responsibility to comply with Federal, State, and Local laws as well as the Library's established rules and policies. Engaging in conduct that violates the Library's Rules of Conduct may result in an individual being excluded from the Library. In some instances, the repeated misbehavior or the seriousness of their actions may warrant a longer exclusion.

Code of Conduct

We strive to create a community of kindness, belonging and safety. We respectfully ask that everyone use spaces as intended:

Be considerate

Communicate with respect

Act responsibly

Prohibited Behavior Rules While Using the Library

  1. Engaging in or attempting to engage in any activity that would be a violation of any federal, state or local criminal law, statute or ordinance.

  2. Engaging in sexual activities including physical contact with self or others as well as sexually harassing comments or behaviors.

  3. Possessing, selling, distributing, consuming or being impaired by or under the influence of a controlled substance or alcohol.

  4. Refusing to comply with the direction of a library staff member.

  5. Violating US copyright laws or the Library Internet Use Policy.

  6. Engaging in loud, disruptive, destructive, or unsafe behavior that interferes with others' use of the library or with the ability of staff to perform their job duties.

  7. Engaging in threatening or harassing behavior that creates a hostile environment on library premises or through remote communication such as frequent or abusive chats, texts or phone calls.

  8. Consuming tobacco products or e-cigarettes in library buildings or within 25 feet of any entrance or open window, per RCW 70.160.

  9. Destroying, damaging, or defacing library facilities, materials, equipment or software.

  10. Bringing animals into the library other than trained service animals (as defined by law), except as approved by authorized library staff.

  11. Using another person's library account without their permission.

  12. Viewing explicit sexual material.

  13. Dressing inappropriately (bare feet or bare chest), per RCW 27.12.290.

  14. Discomforting others due to offensive body odor, per RCW 27.12.290.

  15. Improper use of library grounds (camping, skateboarding, overnight parking, etc.); or library restrooms (bathing, shaving, loitering, washing clothes, etc.).

  16. Monopolizing library spaces (sleeping, excessive belongings, congregating, etc.) or otherwise interfering with others' access to the library.

Exclusion Policy

Consequences for violating Rules 1-4:

Violators will be immediately excluded from the Library without prior warning at discretion of staff and will be excluded for a minimum of one year. The Library reserves the right to trespass offenders through the appropriate law enforcement agency.

Consequences for violating Rules 5-16:

Violators will be given up to two warnings at the discretion of staff and may be excluded for up to one year. Consequences for repeated behavioral infractions of the same or similar nature may have cumulative exclusions (i.e. one day, one week, one month, and one year) at the discretion of library staff. The Library reserves the right to trespass repeat offenders through the appropriate law enforcement agency.

Right of Appeal

The Board of Trustees delegates to the Library Director the responsibility for administering library policies, establishing procedures for their implementation, and for making the policies available to the public in the Library and via the Library's web site. The Library Director may authorize qualified staff to assist with these responsibilities. All library staff members are expected to apply library policy in a fair, reasonable and positive manner.

The Library recognizes the right of individual patrons to question the way that library policies have been applied. The following appeal process applies to any library policy that does not include a specific appeal procedure.

When a patron disagrees with the way a policy has been interpreted or applied, he or she may notify any staff member of his or her concern. Staff will attempt to explain or resolve the situation at the branch level or in consultation with other staff members such as Department Heads.

If the patron wishes to appeal, he or she has up to 14 calendar days to appeal by submitting the concern in writing to the Library Director. The Library Director will respond to the complaint within 14 calendar days.

Patrons who are not satisfied with the disposition of an appeal may ask the Library Director to place their concern on the Board of Trustees Agenda, or they may address the Board during a regular meeting under the agenda item, "Constituent Comments," or during any other time set aside for general public expression of opinion. The Board, after receiving public testimony from the patron and from the Library Director, will decide whether, or not, library policies were followed. The Board will have one month to respond to the complaint in writing.

Enjoy your visit

Please contact the Library Director at 360.442.5309 if you would like to share your library experience with us.

Revised, Board of Trustees Approved, Implemented 03-08-2022

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