Fire It Up! Grand Prize Winners

W. Scott Mitchell W. Scott Mitchell
The Star Beast by Robert Heinlein
John Stuart the XII has a pet alien that his great grandfather brought back from a deep space mission. He has grown extra-large and causes chaos in his home town. Then he finds out that "Lummox" considers John Stuart his pet. The end, John marries and flies off to the alien's home planet.
Dan Doughty Dan Doughty
The Kitten by Paul Anderson
This was a crazy story about an insane man and how he attempts to kill a kitten.
Cathy Gaal Cathy Gaal
AARP's 5 Secrets by AARP
Discusses factors causing memory loss and ways to prevent/alleviate memory loss.

Fire It Up! Week One Winners

Dan Gallagher Dan Gallagher
Saving Faith by David Baldacci
Lee Adams, private investigator, is hired to follow Faith Lockhart, a lobbyist. When she is taken to a remote cabin to be interviewed by the FBI, the FBI agent is killed by an assassin and Faith escapes with Lee's help. They are pursed by a rogue CIA team with all the assets of the CIA to track them. With the assistance of Faith's boss and partner, they uncover the mole in the FBI and bring down the leader of the CIA rogue group.
Michelle Trekas Michelle Trekas
Allegiant by Veronica Roth
Third in a trilogy of Young Adult dystopian society, lives are altered and changed in a set of events. Utterly disappointing, not nearly as gripping as her first two books. Forced myself to finish it.
Kenneth Jones Kenneth Jones
Cheating Death/Stealing Life by Eddie Guerrero/Michael Krugman
Eddie Guerrero started wrestling at the age of nine and has loved it from then one. He was the youngest of six kids, so he was spoiled from the start. With wrestling comes injury, so Eddie would turn to drinking and drugs and he spent his life fighting to stay clean. His only outlet was wrestling. He fell in love, got married, and had 3 children, but the one thing that kept him down was drinking. He did reach the top for a short time. He died at the young age of 38 from a heart attack with no one by his side.
Cindy Barbee Cindy Barbee
This Is My Daughter by Roxanna Robinson
This is a portrait of parenthood, dealing with children of divorce as 2 people try to blend their new family. It explores the ties of parenthood, and the complexities of step-parenting.

Fire It Up! Week Two Winners

Re'Shaunda Andrews Re'Shaunda Andrews
Mapping the Trail of a Serial Killer by Brenda Ralph Lewis
This is the story of some of the most unbelievable serial killers known to man. From any country is a telling of very famous cases as well as some I have never heard of. There are all the standards - Bundy, Green River Killer, etc. This story explains how they selected, why and how they were caught and what happened to them. It's a warning for everybody to be careful.
Jordan Conover Jordan Conover
Clifford's ABC by Norman Bridwell
Teaching ABCs.
Betsy Ward Betsy Ward
Chasing the Horizon by Patrick and Thomas Kincade
The travels of brothers Patrick and Thom with their spry, aging father. They embark on a journey to retrace his WWII path. Along the way they find colorful characters in Ireland, Wales, and England. I enjoyed this fun read along with the plain air paintings Thom captured along the trip and interspersed throughout the book.
Susan Schwartz Susan Schwartz
From the Shadows by Robert M. Gates
Bob had been director of the CIA. He wrote about his work for Nixon to George H.W. Bush. His favorite was George H.W. Bush. He did not care for Carter and his human rights policy.

Fire It Up! Week Three Winners

Ashley Modesitt Ashley Modesitt
My Friend Has Autism by Amanda Doering Tourville
That someone can be friends with someone with autism. It teaches about autism as well.
winner name Promise Banks
Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick
Nora meets Patch at school but she sees him everywhere she goes. Patch is a fallen angel and Nora part nephilim. When her ancestor Chauncey (Nephilim) tries to kill her, Patch saves her and becomes her guardian angel.
Emilee Mabey Emilee Mabey
Chosen by P.C. Cast
Stevie Rae is undead and Zoey will do anything to save the little bit of humanity she has left.
winner name Karen Unruh
Command Authority by Tom Clancy
Pres. Jack Ryan, Sr. and Jack Ryan Jr. both end up searching for the same alleged assassin named Zenith, a KGB operative. Jack Sr. started 30 years previously and Jack Jr. while in the UK ends up in it while researching a client's theft of a company.

Fire It Up! Week Four Winners

Sangvar Tan Sangvar Tan
Butterfly House by Eve Bunting
This book tells about the life of a butterfly from cocoon to becoming a butterfly.
Brenda Strite Brenda Strite
Too Close to Home by Linwood Barclay
When the Cutter's next door neighbors are killed, everyone starts to question "why?" after thinking the crime has to do with a stolen manuscript, it begins to seem it was the Cutter family who should have been the real target. Many people die as the mystery becomes to unravel.
Ann Cordero Ann Cordero
Quiet by Susan Cain
I listened to Quiet on an audiobook. It discusses the psychology, social implications, neuroscience, and cultural biases regarding introversion. While extroversion (also discussed) often seems to be preferred in American society, this book pointes out how introverts can use their intrinsic traits as an avenue to other kids of success.
Sheri Beynon Sheri Beynon
Sep/Oct Mental Floss by Various
Ice cream trucks, creation of The Oregon Trail, questions, and much more.

Fire It Up! Week Five Winners

Stacie Kelley Stacie Kelley
Up Into the Singing Mountain by Richard Llewellyn
Huw moves to Patagonia where he builds a new life, missing Wales and his family.
Jennifer Hickman Jennifer Hickman
Lao-Tzu's Tao Teaching by Lao-Tzu translated by Red Pine
The way is 81 sayings that teach how to live with a higher consciousness. There is a connection from flesh, to spirit, to mind and ways to achieve a more positive way of living and being. The way that is the way is not God's way, etc. There are commentaries from many people from the past 2000 years that give insight to the sometimes difficult to understand yin and yang sayings. This is the best translation I've read to so far.
Sue Bone Sue Bone
Someday You'll Laugh by Brenda Maxfield
This book is the true story about Brenda's life as she starts college. Her boyfriend breaks it off with her when he goes away to college and she's heartbroken. She then meets someone new at the community college. Although her former boyfriend changes his mind and wants to get back together, she falls for Paul, who she eventually marries. My cousin actually wrote this book and it was fun reading about that part of her life and about people and places I'm familiar with!
Marion McMurry Marion McMurry
Big Girl Panties by Stephanie Evanovich
After the death of her husband, food becomes a source of comfort to Holly and the weight she has gained makes it difficult to sit comfortably in coach. Logan, a personal trainer, who is seated next to her, is drawn to her in spite of her size. In the spur of the moment he offers to work with her.

Fire It Up! Week Six Winners

Hakkayya Suttlin
Twist by John Lutz
This is the story of a detective and his cohorts who are searching for a serial killer. The killings are very gruesome. He is a sicko - trying to get back at his mother.
Melanie Jechort Melanie Jechort
Your Life Calling by Jane Pauley
Because I am now what is called "post-mid-life," I seek out inspiration and validation concerning the rest of my life. The focus is upon people my age who have "reinvented" their careers and their lives, but Pauley also shares some of her own journey. I loved the stories because of their honesty - ups and downs and the fact that we are all more than our first job or even our first career.
Becky Becker Becky Becker
Just One Evil Act by Elizabeth George
London's Met detectives Thomas Lynley and Barbara Navers are drawn in to the case of the kidnapping of a British child in Italy. Navers, who has a personal interest in the individuals involved, goes off the rails putting more than her career in jeopardy. Rich in variety of characters and subplots.
Pat Baker Pat Baker
Through Gates of Splendor by Elisabeth Elliot
The story by a widow of 5 missionaries killed by Auca Indians in Ecuador in 1956. The story of their lives leading up to this event and an epilogue 40 years later. It was only a small part of the work going on that continued with the widows.