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Grand Prize Winners

Linda K. (Longview)
Better Nutrition, January 2017
Learned about the brain/gut connection of eating 2 portions of fruit and 5 portions of vegetables a day. Have veggie for breakfast? Excellent recipe for granny apple salad. Getting a Feng Shui beauty consult!
Tiffany L. (Woodland)
The Kept Woman by Karin Slaughter
A dead woman is found in an old building. DNA from the scene point to the detective, Will's, wife. The book weaves you through the tale of what led up to the murder and how Will deals with it all. To discover in the end Angie isn't as evil as they'd originally thought, as her actions all came from trying to help the daughter she'd given up at birth.
Dee (Kelso)
Family Circle
Best walking workout to lose weight, eat light and exercise! What is good for your heart!
Linda M. (Longview)
The Fourth Bear by Jasper Fforde
Odd. Seedy underbelly of nursery crime. Murder and mystery.

Week Six Winners

Saundra M.
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer
A writer, finding her way through her life post WWII and in her career, investigates this odd literary society and finds truth. Shaffer built this story in a delightful way, through the voice of letter writing - old style. It created a great pace. The transitions and surprises in the story are handled so well. I mourned when I discovered this is the only book by this author, a person who was a treasure to our world.
Scott H.
The Intruders by Steven Coonts
Jake Grafton, Lt. USN, after action, decides to stay in the Navy. Marries his girl Callie. Coonts' 6th in Jake Grafton, 3rd chronologically (so far).
Katelyn H.
Holding Up the Universe by Jennifer Niven
Libby Strout was named "America's Fattest Teen" when she had to get lifted out of her house by a crane to get medical attention. Jack Masselin has something called prosopagnosia, a neurologic disorder that makes it impossible to recognize people he knows and loves. Their two worlds are combined.
Emilee M.
Burned by P.C. and Kristen Cast
Zoey Soul is shattered and stuck in the spirit realm. All hell is breaking loose on earth and the only person who can save them needs to be saved first.

Week Five Winners

Stacie K.
The Whole Town's Talking by Fannie Flagg
Elmwood Springs is founded and this book chronicles the citizens, both living and dead.
Cynthia G.
Triple Witch by Sarah Graves
Jake and Ellie want to know why people are being murdered in their community and how are the Triple Witch, heroin, and llamas connected? Their investigations almost cost Jake's son, Sam, his life.
Ted W.
Fried and True by Lee Schrager and Adeena Sussman
Fried and True is a collection of numerous recipes from across America. Fried chicken and sides, some step-by teaching, also.
Brent B.
History Today 3/2016
History Today is a magazine published in Britain. While it is not a Britain specific magazine, 3/4 of this issue has a Britain/Euro focus. The lead article is an examination of how societies cope with disease epidemics.

Week Four Winners

Betty K.
The Kept Woman by Karin Slaughter
Good - fast paced. I wish I had read some in order to follow and become familiar with the characters more. The second half of book better than first.
Ruth Q.
The Hard Way by Carol Lea Benjamin
Another "Rachel Alexander" and her dog "Dashiell" New York thriller.
Amy C.
7th Plague by James Rollins
Dr. Sofia Al-Maaz is kidnapped while on a call with Sigma Director Painter Crowe. Painter must then find out why, which leads him into solving the problem of an outbreak of an unknown source, as well as discovering how it all relates to a billionaire that is obsessed with Nicholas Tesla.
Art H.
Professional Maritime Magazine
Magazine articles about maritime issues.

Week Three Winners

Ginger M.
The Collection by Bentley Little
A delightful book of short stories. I enjoyed his novels partly because they are usually set in N.M. or AZ, where I've spent many years. It's neat to go "I've been there!" His books are fun because you really don't see how any intelligent person can get caught up in these situations and then you realize that he has deftly trapped his protagonist and there is no way out!
Sheri B.
Thicker than Blood by C.J. Darlington
A story of two sisters, May and Chris. After they become orphans, May lived with Aunt Edna and Chris drove off. May eventually is a partner on a ranch and Chris works at a bookstore. May is a Christian, Chris is not. Chris breaks up with Vince who is abusive. He ruins her job, etc. Chris flees to May. She learns about love and faith from May and her friends.
Marie D.
Conservatives Without Conscience by John Dean
Very enlightening! Discusses authoritarianism in the Republican Party.
Richard S.
Dishonorable Intentions by Stewart Woods
Stone Barrington must solve another crime with the help of his friends Dino Buschetti.

Week Two Winners

Naomi B.
Safe in His Arms by Colleen Coble
Margaret O'Brien was raised working her father's ranch. As she gets older she has buried her sensitive spirit under a rough exterior. She meets Daniel Cutler who sees Margaret's beauty. His love allowes her to be the real person and gives her a safe place to blossom.
Tim E.
Longarm and the Sidesaddle Assassin by Tabor Evans
Marshal Long heats to Mormon country to investigate the deaths of two census takers. A mysterious woman becomes lead suspect.
Linda M.
Bay of Sighs by Nora Roberts
Mermaids. Fate of worlds in danger. Forbidden love. Something deadly and unpredictable.
Joan D.
Fierce on the Page
An experienced writer, Sage passes on her wisdom on how you can success at writing prose and poetry. Most appealing - all 75 chapters are about 3-4 pages long! You can tell yourself, "I'll just read this one," or read several. Allow yourself time to let each small pearl of wisdom from her writing experiences soak in! And then, let your own writing dreams turn into plans, then pages.

Week One Winners

Linda K.
Hotel Vendome by Danielle Steel
Story about a man who owns a fancy hotel and his daughter who grows up enjoying all the ins and outs of living in a fine hotel and helping with the staff. The father eventually meets a woman he is interested in and his daughter is at first very angry, later, mellow toward her when she finds out the girlfriend grew up without a mother too.
Robin W.
The New Neighbor by Leah Stuart
In this slow but deeply philosophical book, a young woman with a young child moves into an isolated house. Across the lake lives an old woman hungry for gossip and company. Many readers consider the old woman a meddler and a rat. Her end sentence makes her position clear: "Lately I go beyond standing beside the pond and imagining Virginia Woolf. Lately I fill my pockets with stones. Then I work back towards the house, tossing them out as I go... I will live until the last possible minute. I will have every second. I am not sorry."
Karen J.
The Cat who Sniffed Glue by Lillian Jackson Braun (#8 in the Cat Book series)
Jim and his 2 Siamese cats have inherited millions and a large Victorian home with antique furniture. This book investigates the murder of a young rich couple. The case is solved when one of the Siamese has a taste for glue used for book binding. They go into the rich couples' hidden library. The clues for the solution are solved in the secret library.
Jeanine C.
Police Horror Stories by David M. Curtis
Narratives of Police Officers' experiences with paranormal activity.

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