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Library Cards

We're so excited you are interested in registering for a Longview Public Library card!

Applying as a Resident

Library cards are free to all City of Longview, Washington residents who provide proof of city residency. Come into the Library or apply online!

Minors Applying for Library Cards

There is no minimum age limit for a child to receive a library card.

Cowlitz County Partial-County Rural Library District

The Cowlitz County Partial-County Rural Library District currently contracts with the Longview Public Library for library service.

Reciprocal Borrowing between Longview and Kelso Libraries

The Longview and Kelso Public Libraries have a reciprocal borrowing agreement currently in place.

Longview Business and Property Owners

If you are a Longview business owner or property owner, but aren't a resident of Longview or the Cowlitz County Partial-County Rural Library District, you can get a Longview Library card at no additional cost.

Longview Educators

The Educator Card provides support for educators so they may borrow library materials for use in classrooms and other educational settings in Longview and the Rural Library District.

Cowlitz Tribe

Pursuant to RCW 27.12.285 the Longview Library Trustee Board authorizes members of the Cowlitz to obtain a library card with proof of enrollment in the Tribe.

Applying as a Non-Resident

The non-resident fee for the Longview Public Library is based on a formula which takes the library budget and divides it by the number of residents of the City of Longview.

Library Service in Cowlitz County

America's tax-supported public libraries are unique and the envy of much of the rest of the world. Access to information, education, entertainment, and culture for every citizen as a service of local government is unheard of in most other countries. Even in America it wasn't always this way, and in some parts of the State of Washington it still isn't.

Cowlitz County is one part of the state without government-supported library service. While some local towns and cities within the county have funded libraries for their citizens, the residents of the unincorporated area of Cowlitz County have on several occasions voted down an opportunity to tax themselves for library service. As a result, those non-residents from the unincorporated area of the county who want library service must pay a direct fee (instead of taxes) to the library they use if they wish to check out materials.

While the Longview Public Library belongs to the citizens of Longview, they are willing to share it with others. Anyone may walk in and use the collections, as well as the database and internet computers, phone for information, and ask the staff for help. If, however, a non-resident wishes to borrow materials, the citizen owners require that person to pay a fair share to help support the operation and maintenance of the library.

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